What is Program Management? A question many people and organizations often run into with interestingly varying answers! We have learned and believe that the most critical role of program management is to reap the benefits of change for the organization, country and the world. If as a core value, PMO is driving execution for benefit realization, then every other aspect falls in place.

We believe that every project is different and that a cookie cutter framework or solution is not feasible across all projects. For that reason we recommend using controls and/or methods that are tailored to the customer’s needs. Recurring Decimal gets results by practically applying agility at the core of the process, while ensuring effective and pragmatic governance throughout implementation and closure into operations. We are passionate about applying frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban, utilizing PMI standards, and customizing these to get the maximum value for our customers.

Our Trust

Be Agile, be iterative, and be predictable. That’s how we practically apply agile frameworks to help maximize benefits for our customers. Being agile is not just a methodology or a framework, it’s a thought process, it’s being flexible to change and most important continuous learning to get better.

Encourage Alliance

In today’s world, collaboration across all teams, especially in a complex integrated and distributed environment is a key element of project success. We love PMI guidelines of keeping every stakeholder involved and heard and we passionately follow it. We promote that our customer, distributed teams and RD aggregate in one unit from day zero by the shared goals and benefits of the project.

Feasible Governance

We manage stakeholder’s expectations, by pragmatic governance, keeping a fine balance across enterprise requirements and project management needs. We foster an alliance between the Customer, RD, and the wider enterprise and by all measures avoid instituting governance at the cost of execution and management of work.

Focus on Benefits

Our core philosophy is that project benefits drive execution and decisions at all milestones. If this means that at times, it is not feasible to continue with the project, then so be it. We keep and encourage integrity across the team, to ensure that the customer is advised of benefit realization plan from day zero to day N+1, and through transition. Here again PMI PgMP standards provide excellent guidance to ensure real expectations and success is measured by the benefits the customer is expecting from the project and not just by delivering ‘a solution’.

Iterative Delivery, Early delivery

While this seems obvious, we know it’s not straightforward to design iterations in complex integrations. We guide ourselves through Agile and Kanban. We work with our customers and other partners as applicable to design iterations to create an incremental release strategy. Here our customers get a better understanding of what the end user really needs, what can really derive benefits and hence more acceptance. Incremental delivery helps with right product decisions, and better outcomes by the final delivery.

We would love to talk to you about our Project Advisory Services. We look forward to our first conversation.

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